Most intercom and cueing systems used for live performances in theatres, opera houses, churches, and concerts rely on separate networks of discrete wiring or dedicated data networks and proprietary protocols, sometimes with complex and expensive central management equipment.

Green-Go is an all-new communications system which simply plugs into an existing PoE Ethernet network. For digital voice communication, just connect the beltpacks and wall-stations you need. For optional stage management cue lights and text messages, simply add a Green-Go multi-channel desk and laptop.

Beltpacks and wallstations are powered from any Ethernet network with Power over Ethernet capability - not just a specific lighting network. Once set up, using software on a PC or Mac, each beltpack or wall panel holds operational data locally; centralized command and switching unit is not needed. Pre-set call groups can be accessed at the press of a button. The Green-Go Multichannel desk provides direct access to more channels, and simple, direct voice and cuelight signalling to any station on the network. As cuelights, station screens flash red for warning, and green for go. A networked PC or Mac sets up groups and text displays.

The key to the reliability and clarity of the Green-Go system is a combination of low latency and bandwidth. The Green-Go is designed for high-capacity data transmission networks including the largest lighting networks in use today, integrating real-time communications without any risk of network degradation.The green-go communications intercom system is at home in high school, college, and professional use, and is suitable for both permanent installation and portable/ touring productions.