The Green-GO communications system is an award winning, low latency, Ethernet based digital intercom and cueing system, used in live event performance venues for concerts and theatre applications, as well as studio-broadcast and sports communications. The Green-GO communications system has no single point of failure as there is no central unit which carries the entire system data.


BroaMan is a fiber-based platform created to meet the professional video, audio and data transport and routing requirements.

Complete BroaMan systems are built from a collection of modules that perform three main tasks

  • Routing – routing of multiple video and audio signals, as well as protocol independent routing of optical signals
  • Media Conversion – converting electrical to optical (E-O), optical to electrical (O-E) and optical to optical (O-O repeating)
  • Multiplexing – Multiplexing multiple channels into a single fiber cable
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TELIKOU Technologies Co., Ltd was established in 2002. It is experienced in providing cost-effective and professional solutions of audio and video devices. Telikou provide cost effective solutions for analogue partyline systems, IFB systems, and headsets.

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    Wired Intercom

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    IFB Systems

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Li.LAC provides low impact, contactless microphone and headset cleaning and disinfection through ultraviolet light (UV-C).

Li.LAC has an intuitive control panel with colour display:

  • Violet = disinfection is running and UV-C lights are active
  • Green = disinfection completed
  • Red = error (chamber opened too early or UV-C lamp error)

Li.LAC is engineered and produced in Germany.